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Pittsburgh Jazz Hall of Fame

Induction to the Pittsburgh Jazz Society's PITTSBURGH Jazz Hall of Fame is determined by the amount of nominations received by PJS Members. Members can send their nominations to:

Pittsburgh Jazz Society
Hall of Fame
P.O. Box 1333
Pittsburgh, PA 15230
E-mail to:

Don Aliquo Sr. - Sax
Don Aliquo, Jr. -  Sax
Ron Anthony - Guitar
Carl Arter – Piano - (Deceased)
Chuck Austin - Trumpet
Roger Barbour - Trumpet
Benny Benack - Trumpet
Benny Benack Jr. - Saxophone
George Benson - Singer, Guitar
Michele Bensen – Singer
Harold Betters - Trombone
Jerry Betters - Drums (Deceased)
Kenny Blake - Sax
Art Blakey - Drums (Deceased)
Bobby Boswell - Bass (Deceased)
Cecil Brooks II - Drums
Cecil Brooks III - Drums
Ray Brown - Bass (Deceased)
David Budway - Piano
Maureen Budway-Singer
Jerry Byrd - Guitarz
Tony Campbell - Sax
Joe Campus - Trumpet
Bobby Cardillo - Piano
Flo Cassinelli - Sax (Deceased)
Paul Chambers - Bass (Deceased)
Kenny Clarke - Drums (Deceased)
Danny Conn - Trumpet (Deceased)
Bob Cooper - Sax (Deceased)
Ray Crummie - Piano
Johnny Costa - Piano (Deceased)
Etta Cox - Singer
Frank Cunimondo – Piano
Joe Dallas – Trombone
John D’Amico - Piano (Deceased)
Donna Davis-Piano
Eric Defade - Sax
Jim Dejulio - Bass
Don Depaolis - Piano
Dwayne Dolphin - Bass
Al Dowe – Trombone
Billy Eckstine - Singer (Deceased)
Roy Eldridge - Trumpet (Deceased)
Kenny Fisher-Saxophone (New)
Erroll Garner - Piano (Deceased)
Richie Goods - Bass
Slide Hampton - Trombone
Nate Harper – Sax - (Deceased)
Walt Harper - Piano (Deceased)
Joe Harris - Drums
John Heard - Bass
Pete Henderson-Trumpet (New)
Earl ‘Fatha’ Hines - Piano (Deceased)
Greg Humphries - Drums
Lena Horne - Singer (Deceased)
John Hughes - Piano
Roger Humphries - Drums 

Ahmad Jamal - Piano
Reid Jaynes - Piano (Deceased)
Eddie Jefferson - Singer (Deceased)
Nick Jordanoff – Trumpet (Deceased)
George Jones - Latin Jazz Percussionist 
Jerry Kaminsky - Piano (Deceased)
Robbie Klein - Sax
Frank LaMarca - Sax (Deceased)
Max Leake-Piano
Jerry Lucarelli - Piano  
Gene Ludwig - Organ (Deceased)
Dodo Marmarosa - Piano (Deceased)
Henry Mancini – Composer - (Deceased)
Mike Marracino - Trumpet (Deceased)
Herb Marshall - Bass/Trombone (Deceased)
Ernie Matteo-Clarinet (Deceased)
Billy May - Trumpet (Deceased)
Grover Mitchell - Trombone (Deceased)
John "Squirrell" Mosley-Trumpet
Tony Mowod - PJS Founder
Rich Munoz - Bass (Deceased)
Bobby Negri - Piano (Deceased)
Joe Negri - Guitar
Sammy Nestico - Piano
Clarence Oden – Sax - (Deceased)
Jimmy Ponder-Guitar
Joe Pass - Guitar (Deceased)
Randy Purcell – Trombone (Deceased)
Lenny Rogers - Drums
Arnold (Spider) Rondinelli - Drums
Rodger Ryan - Drums (Deceased)
Eddie Safranski - Bass
Lamese (Lum) Sams – Singer (Deceased)
Jimmy Sapienza-Singer
Duke Spalding – Piano
Chuck Spatafore - Drums
Sandy Staley - Singer  (Deceased)
Dakota Staton - Singer (Deceased)
Billy Strayhorn - Piano (Deceased)
Lou Stellute-Saxophone
Tim Stevens-Singer
Maxine Sullivan - Singer (Deceased)
Mike Taylor - Bass (Deceased)
Mike Tomaro - Saxophone
Lou Tracey - Composer
Tommy Turk - Trombone (Deceased)
Stanley Turrentine - Sax (Deceased)
Tommy Turrentine - Trumpet (Deceased)
Virgil Walters-Bass 
Mary Lou Williams - Piano (Deceased)
Jon Walton - Saxophone (Deceased)
John Wilson - Trumpet


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